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Another post about NHK radio English program.

One of my favorite program is “Jissen Business EIGO” as Practical english lesson for business communication broadcast by NHK 3 times a week from Wednesday to Friday.

For this week’s programs, they feature a conversation about money titled “Money Matters”
In the lesson of March 9th(Thursday), Ms. Heather Howard gave an explanation about “Student Loan”.

Student loan: Loans specifically for students to pay for school.
You know, they tend to have special interest rates, repayment schedules.
I took out a student loan every year when I was in college.

That’s a common mistranslation. Right?
If you don’t have to pay it back, it’s a scholarship or a grant.
If you have to pay it back, it’s a loan.

I copied this dictation from a blog named “Business EIGO dictation” which has been so so helpful for me.

I can’t agree more with Heather and Mr. Kamezawa of Business EIGO dictation.
I have no idea how it is possible for them to call the high-interest rate student loan in Japan “SHOGAKUKIN” which means scholarship.

Maybe I should ask youth “Ever Get the Feeling You’ve Been Cheated?”

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