Hello. This is Nobuo Sakamitsu, the acupuncturist of Kiraido Acupuncture & Moxibustion Clinic in Ikeshita, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya.

My favourite aphorisms by Confucius is “Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance.”(from UUA.org).
I’ve never forget it since I got into oriental medicine, making it a rule to being modest when I learn medicine and oriental philosophy.

You can never know all about something. You only know what you know and there’s always going to be something new to you.

I would like to quote what Mis. Heather Howard said in the radio English program on 17/March.

I did ask once if we were middle class, and I’ve always liked my mother’s answer.
She said, “Class is a state of mind, not money.
We are upper class. If you try to be a good person, and dedicate yourself to knowledge
and understanding, you are upper class.” (from “Business Eigo dictation“)

Ms. Heather is lucky to have such a wonderful mother.
Her mother’s words must have been empowering her up to today.

Thanks to the internet, it is much easier for us to get information whenever we want.
That can lead us to think lightly of knowledge and understanding.

If you say that someone has dedicated themselves to something, you approve of the fact that they have decided to give a lot of time and effort to it because they think that it is important.(from Collins Dictionary)


If you want to be upper class, you have to try to be a good person, and dedicate yourself to knowledge
and understanding all your life.

I am going to reconsider the meaning of learning and comprehension when there are anti-intellectualism and violent words everywhere.